Waterproof watches

There are three groups of watches: protected from water , waterproof and watch for diving. These concepts shouldn’t be confused. Protected from water watches should only be able to withstand rain or splashes of water. The watch that designed for diving are include the “watch that can withstand immersion in water at a depth of 100 meters or more.” These hours imposed particularly stringent requirements.

Waterproof watches should not miss the moisture in the following tests:

• Stability in water immersion. Hours kept for 1 hour under water at a depth of 10 cm

• Stability of functional parts. Hours are immersed in water at a depth of 10 cm and perpendicular to the axis of the head and the buttons are making an effort.

• Resistance to changes in temperature. Clock stand for 5 minutes at 10 cm depth in water of different temperatures: 40 ° C, 20 ° C, and again 40 ° C.

• Resistance to excessive water pressure. Clock placed in water, and 10 minutes creating pressure indicated on the clock.

Best waterproof watches

Before and after each test the clock is checked for the presence of moisture inside the body follows. Clock wipes it dry and then heated to 40-45 ° C. The moisture that is inside evaporates. Then the glass clocks cause a drop of cold water. The glass cools, condenses, and the pair on the inner side. Dropwise condensation on the glass, and are judged on the presence of moisture in the body. And in the end are several important observations. “Meters” on the clock does not correspond to the meters of depth when immersed in water. While swimming and playing on the water at certain times such as a punch on the water, momentarily creates a pressure to which the clock is not calculated. Jet shower, getting on the clock, also can create pressure, much higher than 3 atm. Because the operating pressure in the plumbing of homes are nearly three times more. Different materials when they heated are different extending. Because of this tightness hours also may be compromised.

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